Mac McCullough

Assistant Professor and Health Economist

Arizona State University

Since 2014, Dr. Mac McCullough has served as a de facto one-person academic health department, creating and sustaining productive partnerships between academia and local public health in the 4+ million-person Phoenix, Ariz., metropolitan area. As both health economist for the Maricopa County Department of Public Health and assistant professor in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University, Mac applies rigorous scientific methodologies to develop and disseminate evidence into practice. His current work involves working directly with policymakers to implement my findings into practice. In partnership with the Houston mayor’s office and the Harris County (Texas) board of supervisors, Mac is leading a deep-dive analysis of public health and social service spending and assessing ways in which tax dollars can be best used to improve the health of Houstonians.

Mac completed his PhD in health services at UCLA, MPH at the University of Minnesota, and bachelor’s degree at Georgetown University.

BOLD SOLUTION: Mac recently led the development of a novel dataset to measure local governmental investments in health and social services. This has enabled long-term tracking of how both spending and population health outcomes change over time.
I steadfastly believe that strengthening the financial, economic, and managerial capacity of the public health workforce can strengthen the programs and policies delivered to communities across the U.S. These stronger public health programs and policies can have a real impact on public health organizations and the health of the communities they serve.