Megan McClaire

Chief of Staff

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Megan McClaire is chief of staff of the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, where she oversees the Center of Health Equity and Office of Planning, a program rooted in community engagement and cross-sector collaboration to address health equity issues impacting county residents. She also directs implementation efforts for priority initiatives within the department. Previously, Megan was at Advancement Project California, a next-generation, multiracial civil rights organization. In that capacity, she led efforts that used community-driven and data-informed approaches to address social and health inequities affecting California residents. She has also worked at the Boston Public Health Commission.

Megan graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned both a BS in health planning and administration and an MS in public health.

BOLD SOLUTION: Megan developed and led the Health in All Policies and Boston Fit City initiatives -- cross-programmatic and interagency efforts to incorporate health equity and obesity prevention into city policies and practices. In that role, Megan co-led the completion of the first city-sponsored health impact assessment. She also acquired funding and co-managed a health impact assessment on Boston’s living wage ordinance, which demonstrated to city leadership how economic policies serve as a social determinant of health.
I have a firm belief that government has the capacity and responsibility to meet the needs of all they serve. This commitment is especially present for communities who have historically been under-resourced. This requires working alongside all communities to shape our public health work so that collectively we can continue dismantling barriers to this mission and focus on impacting healing for all L.A. County residents.