William Moore

Health Educator 2, CPE

Saint Paul Ramsey County Department of Public Health

William Moore is a health educator for Saint Paul Ramsey County Public Health and a Certified Perinatal Educator (doula) and lactation educator, the first male doula in the history of the state of Minnesota. William works with expecting mothers and fathers to help them find their voices during the birth process and teaches fathers how to better support their partners during the prenatal and postpartum stages. He is a strong advocate for breastfeeding, because he believes the number one reason women stop and never try breastfeeding is because of a lack of encouragement. William hopes to create a network of male doulas to serve both women and men and create a environment where the social determinants of health are no longer an impediment to communities of color.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Concordia University.

BOLD SOLUTION: With members of the Birth Equity Community Council, William created the Doula Dads project. The council is a collective made up of individuals from Saint Paul Ramsey County Public Health, the African American Babies Coalition, other professionals, and community members. Their goal is to address the disparity in the infant mortality rate using an innovative approach: empowering fathers be more involved, supportive, and vocal in the birth process.
My goal is to create a blueprint and environment where we start to look at health from a much more holistic view and stop letting traditional oppressive systems and roles keep us from doing so.