Sameer Vohra

Founding Chair, Department of Population Science and Policy

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

Dr. Sameer Vohra is the founding chair of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIU SOM) Department of Population Science and Policy and leads a team of diverse individuals who work together to improve the health of central and southern Illinois. The department’s service region includes 22 of the 25 counties with the poorest health outcomes in Illinois. Yet this same region is also home to innovative and inspiring people, ideas, and programs. With his team, Sameer works to enhance these communities by using a new approach to health care that works to understand health challenges; measure the impact of social, biological, and behavioral determinants of health; gauge health disparities; and design population-level programs and public policies to improve health outcomes. He is also a practicing pediatrician at SIU SOM.

Sameer received a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Northwestern University, where he majored in political science and science in human culture. He then earned a medical doctorate and juris doctorate through Southern Illinois University’s Medicine and Law dual degree program. He completed a residency in pediatrics at the University of Chicago and earned a Master of Arts in Public Policy at University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.

BOLD SOLUTION: Over the past several years, Sameer has been responsible for building and creating SIU SOM’s population science and policy infrastructure.
I have been blessed to work with an incredible team. In a short time, we have found the right ideas, people, and resources to grow an Office of Population Science and Policy with eight individuals to a 27-person academic department, the first new department at SIU SOM in nearly 30 years.