Alison Traynor

North Dakota Suicide Prevention Program Director

North Dakota Department of Health

With a strong commitment to social justice, Alison Traynor works tirelessly to end suicide and violence in North Dakota. For the past 10 years, Alison has served as a Licensed Social Worker in mental health, violence, human trafficking, suicide crisis response, and administration to save lives. As the Director of Suicide Prevention at the North Dakota Department of Health, Alison coordinates statewide efforts and oversees over 20 project sites. She has been praised for her energy, work ethic, and stress resilience within fast-paced, demanding positions. Prior to her current role, Alison worked in two regions in North Dakota as well as three American Indian tribal reservations, responding to crises day and night. She has worked across systems and sectors not only to prevent suicide, but to encourage people to realize their most meaningful and fulfilled lives.

Alison is currently working toward a clinical social work graduate degree at University of North Dakota. She also has a Master of Public Health with a concentration in policy and administration from University of North Dakota.


BOLD SOLUTION: Alison developed and formalized a statewide coalition of 180 suicide survivors and volunteer-led groups to spread awareness, inform best practices, and influence decision-makers responsible for creating statewide multi-sector programs.
I seek to encourage underserved communities and system partners in implementing culturally appropriate, evidence-based programs, which have been associated with as much as an 80 percent decrease in suicide death rates.