Since its establishment in 2013, the National Consortium for Public Health Workforce Development has been a consistent source of support for and solidarity with the government public health workforce. This devoted community of professionals made great progress in spotlighting the importance of recruiting and retaining diverse employees, bolstering a commitment to health equity and racial justice, and leveraging data to advocate for a stronger workforce.

As the state of public health evolved, so did the needs of the field and the workforce. To this end, the activities of the National Consortium sunset at the end of 2023 with a view to adapt and consolidate national efforts supporting the workforce—to uplift existing efforts rather than duplicate them.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Public Health Infrastructure Grant is an outcome of the public health community’s collective commitment to helping the workforce succeed. The Grant’s imperative to direct its resources in a way that champions diversity and health equity captures the goals and vision of the Consortium. And the Grant’s three National Partners — charged with providing training and technical assistance, evaluating the program, and facilitating coordination and communication across grantees and the CDC — have served as members of the National Consortium.

Although the National Consortium will no longer operate, the work of its members and their collective desire to support the workforce to achieve health equity will persist. The diverse members of the National Consortium represent the leading public health agencies and organizations in the United States. The Consortium’s Common Agenda was developed by its members and reflects their priorities and values and the missions of their organizations. Their work will continue, as will their efforts to collaborate to achieve their shared goals.

As it winds down, the National Consortium is focused on sharing valuable lessons learned with the public health community through a culminating report that will be released in the coming months. A broader evaluation of the Consortium’s efforts and impact is also underway. The Consortium’s publications will remain available on the de Beaumont website.

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