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Most U.S. physicians consider Long COVID a problem, but few are prepared to diagnose or treat it, according to a new poll conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the de Beaumont Foundation. The December 2022 poll of 806 U.S. physicians found that more than three in four (78%) think Long COVID is a problem, but only 7% are “very confident” diagnosing Long COVID and only 4% are very confident treating the condition. Download the research brief. The poll has several important implications for policymakers and the medical community:

  • Physicians need much more training in diagnosing and treating Long COVID.
  • Funding research about Long COVID should be a national priority, and has the support of 82% of physicians and 76% of the public.
  • More public education is needed to overcome misinformation and the stigma of Long COVID.

“Despite attempts by a small number of physicians to downplay the ongoing threat of COVID-19, these findings show that nearly all physicians recognize the threat of Long COVID, with only 2% saying it’s not a problem at all,” said Brian C. Castrucci, DrPH, de Beaumont’s president and CEO. “And across partisan lines, physicians and other Americans agree we need more funding for Long COVID research.”

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