Many people assume that celebrities are the most influential when it comes to decisions like whether to take the COVID-19 vaccine. But in this interview with NBC LX, Dr. Brian C. Castrucci says everyone has a role to play in building confidence in vaccines so we can end the pandemic and open businesses and schools. “It’s not politicians. It’s not celebrities. It’s us. It’s Americans talking to other Americans, talking to our neighbors and using language that’s positive and promotes confidence. That’s the most important contribution any of us can make in getting through pandemic and eliminating COVID-19.”

Addressing the importance of building acceptance of the vaccine, he said, “Our entire vaccine effort hinges on overcoming people’s concerns about the vaccine. We have enough people putting out language that’s confusing and misleading. Politicians, health leaders, but most importantly, all of us need to be talking to our friends and our family and helping to promote confidence in this vaccine.” The de Beaumont Foundation recently conducted a national poll that identified effective language and revealed these four important tips:

  • Tailor your messages for your audience.
  • Explain the benefits of taking the vaccine, not just the consequences.
  • Talk about the people behind the vaccine.
  • Avoid judgmental language.

Watch the interview below, or click to see poll findings and get more practical tips.

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