You may have noticed that the de Beaumont Foundation looks a little different, with a new logo and a new tagline, “Bold Solutions for Healthier Communities.” Why the change? Because our work has evolved over the years, and we want our brand to accurately reflect our vision, mission, and priorities.

The tagline does not change our mission; it amplifies it. Our mission is to advance policy, build partnerships, and strengthen public health to create communities where people can achieve their best possible health. We believe that:

  • Every person in every community should have the opportunity to obtain their best possible health.
  • Health is more than healthcare. We approach our work with the knowledge that many factors influence health.
  • Policy is one of the most powerful and effective tools to create optimal conditions for health.
  • Local approaches and practical solutions are vital to achieving broad, lasting change.

About a year ago, with a new president and CEO in place, we began reflecting on the words we use to describe our beliefs, values, and impact. We refined our vision, mission, and strategic priorities, and then began considering how we communicate externally. Our brand is so much more than a name or logo — it is the expression of what we do and why we do it. So our process included in-depth conversations with staff, board members, partners, and community members to ensure that our story was authentic and anchored by our core values and beliefs. (See “Refining Our Vision: We Stand for Health.”)

As part of this process, we also examined the components of our brand, including our messaging, visual identify (including our mark), website, and social media channels.


Our new tagline — “Bold Solutions for Healthier Communities”— gives our work a clear and recognizable descriptor, something we did not have previously. We aim to be bold in our thinking, and bold in our actions. “Bold solutions” references our own solutions and other solutions to improve health. “Healthier communities” reflects our focus on making communities healthier so people can live fuller lives. We don’t provide direct health services to individuals, but instead focus on building the institutions and systems that create broad, lasting change.

Logo and Visual Identity

Our new logo and look incorporate clean, modern lines, reflecting our desire to make public health accessible and relevant. Blue is still our core brand color, but we’ve adjusted the shades of blue to bring in a fresh, vibrant, clean, and modern tone, with significantly more value placed on white space.

We often heard that our prior mark was not representative of the work we do every day. The main focus of our rebrand is to bring clarity to our work, to strip away any superfluous lines or images, and help current and future partners understand our approach to building healthier communities.

The image from our original logo was an illustration of the Tucks Point rotunda in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., where our founder lived after he retired. A streamlined version of the rotunda will appear on some social media marks, but will largely be reserved for historical reference. 


Our new website is completely re-imagined – we want it to be a resource for public health professionals and anyone else who’s working to improve communities. The design is focused on intuitive navigation and simple organization, allowing people to easily access resources and stay up to date on trends. Our search function has also been improved throughout the site, enabling visitors to find resources by type, category, or keyword.

Our new “Get Involved” section is an action hub for health professionals, business leaders, and advocates for health, whether they’re focused on housing, education, social justice, or other areas. This section includes communication tips, advocacy resources, and other ways to make a difference in communities.

We’ve compiled more than 100 resources that were either buried in our previous website or located on other sites. The content from the original site, including blog posts and announcements, has been updated, consolidated, or archived to make it easier to find what you need. We’ve also updated our program pages, allowing you to quickly see our current priorities, as well as a sample of our past programs.

We are proud of our new website, but this launch is a beginning, not an end. We will continue to update the site and add more resources to help power lasting change in communities across the country.

Be Part of Our Story

We believe our new brand reflects who we are and what we stand for — something we’ve long known but not always expressed with such clarity. We hope you’ll become part of our story by connecting with us on social media and by subscribing to our newsletter. We look forward to sharing this next phase of our journey with you.

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