Welcome to Learning Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

This series of short courses (5-10 minutes each) is designed with two audiences in mind.

If you’re new to Appreciative Inquiry (AI), this will provide an introduction to the topic. We’ll explain the basic concepts and walk through how your organization can use AI to build staff engagement and to improve quality in your processes and activities.

If you already have some familiarity with AI, from previous training or maybe from one of our workshops, Learning Appreciative Inquiry provides a quick refresher, and you may find the resources included with the courses to be useful.

Structure and Learning Objectives

There are 11 microlearn courses. Each course should take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. We recommend taking them in order, but you are free to open any course at any time.

After Course 1: Introduction, courses are delivered in pairs. The “A” courses provide an explanation and background for the concept (the DESIGN phase, for example), and the “B” courses focus on the practice, the nuts and bolts, of applying the concept in the AI Summit. Each A and B course concludes with a self-test. These self-tests are not graded, and there is no final assessment.

Important ideas and direct quotes are referenced with a note like this,(1) , which will correspond to an entry on the Resources page.

Courses 1-6

Course 2: Define
Learn the importance of DEFINE in AI and how to implement it in your own organization.
Course 3: Discover
Learn how DISCOVER is integral to the AI change process and how to implement it in your own organization.
Course 4: Dream
Learn how DREAM drives change in AI and how to facilitate a high-quality DREAM session for an AI Summit.
Course 5: Design
Learn about the DESIGN phase of AI and how to use the high-quality strategies for change by creating your own AI summit.
Course 6: Destiny
Learn how organizations bring DESTINY to changes using AI and the key pieces of AI that lead to a successful DESTINY.