Aysha Pamukcu

Fulcrum Fellow

ChangeLab Solutions

Aysha Pamukcu builds the capacity of government and community leaders to create a healthier, more inclusive society. Through her experience as a first-generation American, she brings her full self to this work and uses her law background in service of marginalized communities. As the Health Equity Lead at the public health policy nonprofit ChangeLab Solutions, she developed legal and policy innovations to help eliminate unjust health disparities. Her next chapter at ChangeLab Solutions as a Fulcrum Fellow focuses on what happens after public health policies get passed, and how to ensure their equitable enforcement. In everything Aysha does, from trainings and technical assistance to research and writing, she challenges people to think about equity, first.

Aysha’s public health work is deeply influenced by her background in civil rights and human rights. She previously served at the Greenlining Institute as policy counsel, where she worked with a diverse coalition to build wealth in communities of color. Aysha is also a passionate human rights advocate who has volunteered as an asylum attorney and assisted judges at the Cambodian war crimes tribunal.

She currently supports catalytic philanthropy at the Women Donors Network and serves on the board of Baby-Friendly USA. She graduated from Stanford University with honors and from USC Law School.

BOLD SOLUTION: Creating free, easily accessible resources to help community leaders adopt laws and policies that improve health outcomes. For example, this resource on legal strategies and best practices to advance health equity can be downloaded and used by any community across the country.
Discrimination and injustice are bad for our health. By doing justice work, we’re doing public health work. This can sound like a big undertaking but the good news is that law isn’t just for lawyers, policy isn’t just for wonks, and public health isn’t just for health departments. We can all help make our communities more equitable places to live.