Katy Evans

Senior Program Officer

Katy Evans is a senior program officer at the de Beaumont Foundation, where she manages a portfolio of programs, projects, and grants focused on strengthening public health partnerships and shifting the national conversation from healthcare to health.

Previously, Katy spent seven years at The Rippel Foundation, where she worked with national and regional stewards to transform their health systems in pursuit of health, well-being, and equity. In her time at Rippel, Katy played an integral role in ReThink Health Ventures, three-year project that engaged deeply with six multisector partnerships across the country to understand what it takes to do business differently together. In 2018, she was part of the team that launched FORESIGHT, a collaborative initiative to equitably envision and bring about a new future for health and well-being.

Katy holds an MA from Kings College, London, a BA from Boston College, and has her PhD in American Studies from Boston University.