Amanda Kwong

Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC) Director

Amanda Kwong is the Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC) Director at the de Beaumont Foundation. As PHCC’s Director, Amanda manages the development of timely, relevant, and practical tools for public health communicators across the country to use. Through these communication tools and learning opportunities, PHCC helps health professionals communicate more effectively to ensure that everyone has what they need to make informed decisions about their health.

Previously, Amanda was a Campaign Director at the Ad Council, where she spent almost six years overseeing the development, implementation, and evaluation of fully integrated multimedia communication programs on behalf of national non-profit organizations and federal government agencies.These communication programs spanned from helping pre-care partners recognize the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s in their loved ones, to encouraging Americans that “Only You” can prevent wildfires by leveraging the trusted voice of Smokey Bear. In 2021, she supported the creative and digital development of the Ad Council’s largest PSA campaign in history for the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative, “It’s Up To You.”

Amanda holds an MPH from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a BA in Psychology from Syracuse University. It is through Amanda’s unique background in advertising, social impact, and public health where her deep interest in effective public health communications continues to grow.