Grantee: University of California, Los Angeles

There are numerous evidence-based interventions that affect public health but lack the resources to be fully implemented and are seen as belonging in other sectors, such as education, city planning, or child protection services. These sectors do not always understand the full potential for mutual benefit. In addition, public health officials often lack knowledge or resources to constructively engage these potential partners in advocacy.

The Win-Win Project at the Center for Health Advancement at the Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA, used econometric modeling to support multi-sectoral policy change to demonstrate health benefits and return on investment. The de Beaumont Foundation supported a survey of the top 100 local public health departments, a capacity-building workshop for selected cross-sectoral teams from large local health departments, and additional technical assistance for these teams. Through these actions, the Win-Win project documented the capacity and training needs of health departments and improved collaboration in public health.