The de Beaumont Foundation has partnered with the National Academy for State Health Policy to develop tools for governors and other state leaders to address upstream health issues.

Governors are uniquely positioned to leverage state resources to address the conditions that affect health. By coordinating resources, advancing evidence-based health policies, and leading multi-sector coalitions, governors can advance their priorities, control costs, and improve lives. Because more than 80 percent of health is determined by social and economic conditions, policymakers can improve health and lower healthcare costs is by improving education, transportation, housing, economic development, and other areas.

In partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation, the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) in December 2018 released a new toolkit to help governors and their teams address upstream health issues. The toolkit provides practical, real-world tools and strategies for agency leaders and governors to assist their residents in living long, healthy, and productive lives. While the tools were produced for governors and their senior staff, they can also help state and local health professionals effectively advance their priority issues.