The de Beaumont Foundation’s unique fellowship gives public health graduates hands-on experience in philanthropy.

Since 2016, the de Beaumont Foundation has offered a Philanthropy Fellowship through the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH). The one-year fellowship gives recent public health graduates exposure to philanthropy, including program development, strategic planning, grants review and monitoring, and data analysis and research. To be eligible, applicants must have received their masters or doctorate degree from an ASPPH member school or program before the beginning of the fellowship.

Many public health professionals are affected by philanthropy, whether they work on programs supported by charitable gifts or grants or actively seek donations or grants for their priorities. The philanthropy fellowship gives them an inside look at “the other side” — how funding decisions are made, how ideas become programs, and how programs are shaped, implemented, and evaluated.

Grace Guerrero Ramírez, 2019-20

Rachel Locke, 2018-19

Lizzie Corcoran, 2017-18

Leila Heidari, 2016-17