Outbreak: The First Response is a new documentary that provides a firsthand and personal view of the first coronavirus outbreak in the United States, in the Seattle area. Told through the eyes of the county health director, a family experiencing homelessness, and a family with a relative in a nursing home, the documentary reveals the impact of this historic pandemic on the city, including its most vulnerable communities. The documentary was developed by Soledad OBrien Productions in partnership with the de Beaumont Foundation. 

Outbreak will air nationwide on all Hearst TV stations on June 19 in prime time. On June 20 and 21, it will be broadcast on Matter of Fact with Soledad OBrien in markets across the countrySee local stations for Hearst and Matter of Fact. 

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  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the first #COVID19 outbreak in the United States. “Outbreak: The First Response,” a new documentary from @SOB_Prods and @deBeaumontFndtn, premieres nationally this weekend. www.debeaumont.org/outbreak
  • Follow @KCPubHealth Director @PurpleHaynesRN and her team in the first days of the #COVID19 outbreak. Outbreak: The First Response airs nationally this weekend. @SOB_Prods @deBeaumontFndtn www.debeaumont.org/outbreak
  • What happens when a pandemic hits an area already dealing with a homelessness crisis? Watch Outbreak: The First Response, premiering this weekend. www.debeaumont.org/outbreak
  • YOURE INVITED: Watch the premiere of Outbreak: The First Response, a new documentary from @SOB_Prods and @deBeaumontFndtn. This weekend on @Hearst stations and @MatterofFactTV. www.debeaumont.org/outbreak
  • This weekend, a new documentary reveals how the first #COVID19 outbreak in the U.S. affected homeless families, people in nursing homes, and other vulnerable communities. @SOB_Prods @deBeaumontFndtn #OutbreakFirstResponse @soledadobrien @matteroffacttv www.debeaumont.org/outbreak
  • Health officials: @PurpleHaynesRN and @KCPubHealth gave @SoledadOBriens film crew exclusive access in the early days of the #COVID19 response. Dont miss Outbreak: The First Response, premiering this weekend. www.debeaumont.org/outbreak 
  • THIS WEEKENDGet a behind-the-scenes look at the nations first COVID-19 outbreak, in the Seattle area, and see how it particularly affected vulnerable populations. Outbreak: The First Response, a new documentary from @SoledadOBrienProductions and the @deBeaumontFoundation, premieres nationally this weekend on all Hearst stations and on Matter of Fact with Soledad OBrien. Get more information and see local times and stations.  www.debeaumont.org/outbreak
  • PREMIERING TONIGHT: Dont miss the national premiere of Outbreak: The First Response, airing tonight on all Hearst stations. You can also watch it Saturday or Sunday on Matter of Fact with Soledad OBrien. See link for local times and stations. www.debeaumont.org/outbreak