Strengthening connections and advancing data justice at the inaugural MADE Spring Convening, March 2024. (Photo credit: CoolCoolCool Productions; Audio credit: Vlog Vibe by Shanti, via TuneTank.)

This month, teams from the four MADE for Health Justice communities – hailing from Arizona, Maryland, Oregon, and Pennsylvania – gathered in San Diego for the initiative’s inaugural spring convening. Staff from de Beaumont, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and partner organizations with expertise in informatics, storytelling, videography, and evaluation and learning were also in attendance. Over three days, attendees strengthened connections, continued building trusting relationships, and advanced strategies that will support the communities’ creation of health-focused data ecosystems over the next several years.

MADE for Health Justice seeks to accelerate the development of health-focused local data ecosystems that center principles of anti-racism, equity, justice, and community power. These ecosystems focus on improving community health, connecting data across multiple sectors of local government, prioritizing the needs and voices of communities oppressed by structural racism, and ultimately driving just and equity-centered decision making. The first cohort of MADE communities was announced in August 2023.

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