The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together

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The entrenched separation of primary care and public health in the United States has been damaging and self-perpetuating. As both sectors struggle to meet their own challenges, population health has deteriorated due to their failure to integrate.

For the first time, The Practical Playbook offers professionals in primary care and public health a roadmap to integrating their work with the larger goals of population health. Drawing on the experiences of hundreds of public health and primary care professionals from across the US.

Comprising case studies, practical recommendations, data resources, and commentaries from national leaders on both sides, The Practical Playbook is the new benchmark for primary care and public health practitioners working to improve population health.

  • Why is population health important?
  • What are the practical steps that clinicians and public health professionals can take to work together to meet the needs of their community?
  • What are the signs that you’re on the right track, and how can progress be sustained?
  • J. Lloyd Michener
  • Denise Koo
  • Brian C. Castrucci
  • James B. Sprague

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The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together

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