Kaitlin Cartoccio

Community Programs Coordinator – Health Educator, Municipal Alliance Coordinator

Bernards Township Health Department
Somerville , New Jersey
Class of 2021
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Three words to describe me:
passionate, resourceful, resilient
The best part of my job:
being able to create and implement meaningful health education for the community
Something that would surprise others about me:
I am the definition of an extroverted introvert. I can be just as happy at a party talking to everyone, laughing, and having a great time as I am laying in a hammock reading a book in the middle of nowhere.

Kaitlin Cartoccio knows one thing for sure—that for the rest of her life, she wants to be involved in public health. In fact, just four days after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in May 2012, she started serving as a community programs coordinator with the Bernards Township Health Department. During her tenure at the health department, Kaitlin has made many contributions to the public health field, including through her work with the Municipal Alliance Against Substance Abuse and Youth Services.

In this role, she works with members of the community to bring youth services, substance abuse prevention, mental health, and other social and emergency services education programs to life and has planned over 30 educational programs in the process.

Kaitlin received an MPH from Rutgers University and a BS in public health from Temple University. She holds a Master Certified Health Education Specialist certification and is a registered Disaster Response Crisis Counselor.

Health education is about empowerment. When we empower individuals with knowledge and information we can send them back into the community to be champions for public health. Empowered people feel motivated to change their behaviors and surroundings to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

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