AAron Davis


Center for Public Health Initiatives, Wichita State University
Benton , Kansas
Class of 2021
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Three words to describe me:
imaginative, curious, genuine
The best part of my job:
helping people who are passionate about public health take steps forward in advancing their work. Public health is complex and expansive, it takes a lot of effort and determination to move the needle.
Something that would surprise others about me:
I love playing open mic nights on my ukulele.

Since becoming the director of the Center for Public Health Initiatives at Wichita State University, AAron Davis and his colleagues have been able to double the amount of work that they do to support public health initiatives in Kansas. Under his leadership, the center has helped local health departments build resources to address technical skills for areas like EHR implementation and develop adaptive skills, including those needed for engaging in community policy change. In 2019, AAron and his team helped launch the Kansas Public Health Collaborative, an effort to connect the state’s entire public health workforce and provide tools and resources.

AAron received an MBA and MPA, a BBA in business administration and management, and a BS in integrated marketing communications from Wichita State University. AAron is also a member of the Kansas Governors Public Health Conference planning committee and a Public Health Reaching Across Sectors (PHRASES) Fellow.

A central tenet of government is protecting the health and safety of our population. This makes public health is one of the most essential services we can provide at all levels of government. We have a civic responsibility to enhance this complex and ever-adaptive field.

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