Jamila Porter

Director of Programs and Evaluation

Safe States Alliance

Dr. Jamila Porter is the Director of Programs and Evaluation at the Safe States Alliance in Atlanta, and is an advocate for walkable, health-focused communities. As an injury prevention professional, Jamila created initiatives such as the Pedestrian Injury Prevention Action Team Program, which connects state and local professionals across diverse disciplines to collaboratively address pedestrian safety and community walkability goals. She has also developed innovative resources like the “Evaluation Guide for Pedestrian Safety, a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that engages users to evaluate pedestrian safety interventions. The guide empowers users to determine interventions that work and to build the evidence base in support of safe and healthy community design.

Jamila earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Health Policy and Administration from Wake Forest University, a Master of Public Health degree from Mercer University School of Medicine, and a Doctorate of Public Health from the University of Georgia College of Public Health.

BOLD SOLUTION: Jamila developed and ran the Pedestrian Injury Prevention Action Team Program, an initiative designed to strengthen multidisciplinary partnerships to enhance pedestrian safety at state and local levels. The program resulted in new and stronger partnerships across disciplines in each state, refined pedestrian safety interventions that met the needs of specific communities, and showcased the value of public health leadership in an area generally considered to be solely within the purview of transportation professionals.
One of the most valuable aspects of the Pedestrian Injury Prevention Action Team Program was having an opportunity to work with and within multi-sector teams. By institutionalizing these collaborative partnerships across state and local agencies, they will be able to survive staff turnover in individual organizations and changes in government administrations.
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